Monday, January 27, 2014

Another Goatapalooza Day!

Today was a day for all the mama goats and their kids to, Goatapoolza Day!
Nola kept Nora and Nip close

Gabby made sure she kept an eye on Gary and Gerry

Nikki was not thrilled with the wee ones "What the heck are those things?"

Lilac lets hers wander a bit.

Champagne was happy to get out and stretch her legs and see her gal-pals!

Nola supervises her wee ones exploring

Nikki stayed on her perch until the little ones went back to their pens
Another week or so and I'll be milking again. Just giving my girls time to bond a bit. I have to use some milk starter for Champagnes babies, but they have a good start.
Lilacs little guys are rough and tough. We banded (castrated) all the males except Lilac's little one, Lenny. All did okay, although Gary and Gerry, Gabby's kids, took it very personally and wailed their little heads off. Gabby got outraged and herded her boys to a corner of the pen and licked them and nuzzled them and nursed them until they calmed down.
I have already gotten calls from people wanting milk, cheese and cajeta. They will have to wait until we get our fill here!

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