Friday, January 17, 2014

Lady-in-Waiting No More!

Nola had her babies yesterday.
I had fed her and the other goats an hour before. My son went out and watered everybody.
I checked on all the goats, especially Nola and everyone was fine. Nola showed no signs at all of kidding.
About 30 minutes after I checked, my son took his dog out for a walk...and came right back in:
"Mom, Nola had her babies!"
No warning, no fussing, just went ahead and did her business!
One boy, one girl. We named them Nip and Nora.

Nora resting while Nip gets a bath from Mom

Hey, Mom, look, I can walk!

Nip taking a nap in the sunshine

Nora stretching her legs

Baby checking out the new kids

Baby and Nip getting acquainted
Nola had her little ones out in the yard, but after everyone was a bit settled, we moved them into a pen.
So....we have 10 kids!


  1. Such a large family you have!! Nips markings are so cute!

  2. I think these two are the cutest of all.... lol! congrats!


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