Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Poor Little Charlie

The smallest of Champagnes quads is named Charlie.
He (and the rest of the kids) had been doing well, but then this icy cold wind hit.
Last night, all were well....but this morning I woke up out of a dead sleep by the sound of a kid wailing in distress.
I ran outside (barefoot...ouch!) and found little Charlie, away from his mam, crying his head off. I scooped him up, ran inside and wrapped him in a blanket. My son grabbed the other three of Champagnes brood after he fed the adult goats and brought them in. We warmed them all up and fed them bottles of warm milk replacer. As they warmed up, they got livelier and I made some more little warm coats for them to wear. We redid Champagnes pen so that the babies would be cozy and warm and tucked them all back in there.
Except Charlie.
He was the one that was the worst off. Hunched over, shivering and totally miserable.
So, poor little Charlie is still in the house with us.

Currently he is napping on the couch with my younger son, both of them wrapped up in warm blankets and quilts. Charlie seems to be quite content, knowing all he has to do is bleat a bit and I'll come running with a warm bottle!
I hope Charlie makes it and survives. He will probably stay indoors with us tonight.
So, goat baby-sitting tonight!


  1. Little Charlie is just too cute! Hope he feels better tomorrow.

  2. Lucky lil' Charlie! Fingers crossed that he makes it. He's got a great "other-mom" to take care of him.

  3. Lamb,

    It's getting very cold, this arctic blast is making it unbearable to be outside to long. Your little baby goat is adorable.

    Stay warm~!!


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