Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thank You's and I Am Such a Wuss!

I want to thank everyone that commented on my quandary about selling our sheep. Your kind words and comments really helped!
I had really never confronted a problem like that, but now, I know that regardless of where I live, I will probably encounter it more often.
I figured out that I most definitely lost a few bucks by selling the sheep as low as I did. But I felt better about where they ended up.
Which brings me to:
Am I too much of a wuss to sell livestock for meat purposes?
I really love each and every animal we have here.
Okay, except for those dang stupid Buff Orphington hens!
But the goats, rabbits, alpacas, geese, etc.And quite a few of the chickens.
We have butchered a young male goat before (and he was delicious!) and I was okay with that. But then, I knew how he was going to be slaughtered and everything.
I could butcher out a chicken or two or three if long as it wasn't Nugget, or Cab or Betty or Inky or Bo or, well, any of our hens that I have gotten close to. Which means I could butcher out any of the Buffs and most of the Reds...except Rosie. I like Rosie. And Calypso, our remaining Ameracuna.She's cute.
See what I mean!
Maybe if I had a flock of 300 sheep I could sell the culls willy-nilly without worrying about how each would be slaughtered.
I guess.
The Darlin' Man thinks I should stick to dairy animals...I dunno. I want to raise pigs and beef cattle, too and ducks for the table, etc once we move North, but I am beginning to second guess myself now.
I guess this is something I will have to think about.
While I am thinking, I'll have one of my favorite snacks...with no meat involved!

Carrot-Raisin Salad

2 cups grated raw carrot
1 cup crushed pineapple or pineapple tidbits with juice
1/2 to 1 cup raisins (depends on how much you like raisins)
1/4 to 1/2 cup walnut pieces or pecan pieces if you have them (really not necessary, but nice to add)

Mix all of the above together, chill for a couple hours or overnight, serve! I like to serve mine in a lettuce cup.


  1. I would encourage you to never lose your respect for animals, especially the ones you intend to slaughter. I am a full fledged meat eater, yet I still get a little choked up when shoot a deer, knock a turkey out of the sky, or watch a beef die. I don't ever want to lose that respect and sensitivity for living creatures, and I always want to ensure that the animals die as quickly as possible. I don't think that's weakness. I think it's honorable and courageous. Likewise, no amount of money to me would be worth knowing that some animal I sell is going to be treated in a way I believe is inhumane. So, no. I don't think you're a wuss, and I believe the thoughts you are having are dignified ones to struggle with.

  2. Lamb,

    I agree with Bob K. Your not a wuss, you love your animals and want them to be taken care of properly.

    Great recipe!

  3. All animals and birds become pets when you name them and make pets out of them. If you are raising animals or birds that are going to end up on the table, don't name them or if you must then pick food names like "Dumpling" or KT. fried". Feed them and take care of them but don't get close and personal. Being a prepper after TEOWAWKI will require these skills.


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