Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weather and Diets and Frustration, Oh My!

To put it bluntly, the weather the past few days has sucked. MAJOR suckage, as the Darlin' Man would put it!
Wind, HIGH winds, sandstorms, occasionally spitting snow and colder temperatures.
I have to hand the laundry inside as if I hang it out on the line, it either gets blown off across the yard (to get tangled in the fence) or it gets so sand-filled, I have to wash it again!
Taking hay to the goats and alpacas can be problematical. If I get it to them without the wind snatching it out of my arms, it sometimes gets blown out of their pens. Animals, sometimes being smarter and more adaptable than people, have figured this out. They firmly place a foot into the middle of a flake and nibble around the edges! Smart goats and alpacas!
I have kept the chickens in their coop throughout this. I didn't think my neighbors would appreciate chickens flying through their yards!
It is still breezy today, but not as bad as it has been the last 2 or 3 days.
 I am about to change everyone's diet here. We are all feeling a little, you know, pudgy and ucky, after all the oh-so-rich-and-fattening holiday foods. Dinner salads, here we come!
The Darlin' Man hates dinner salads. Ditto for vegetarian meals.
His favorite meals:
Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, buttered corn with sliced tomatoes on the side.
Pot Roast with potatoes and carrots, and my home baked bread.
My *Greek Feast* ...marinated meat (cut in tiny pieces) served in a rich gravy, cous-cous, pita bread, yogurt w/diced cucumbers, olives, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, 3 kinds of homemade hummus and a load of other stuff too numerous to write out.
Breakfast....bacon, eggs over easy and toast with butter and jam.

You get the picture. He likes rich food. He likes fatty foods. Fried foods. Bacon. Italian sausage. Steak.
I do, too, does everyone here.
But, in an effort to help ALL of us lose a little weight and feel healthier, I am going to change our diets. Gradually, though.
I cook everything from scratch, so more fresh and raw veggies and fruit should work into our diet easily.
Getting the Darlin' Man to accept more salads...not so easy!
We'll see how this goes....
Homesteading/Prepping is a lonely, frustrating endeavor some times.
I have a hard time getting anyone to actually help when I am doing my prepping. The homesteading stuff, like taking care of the livestock; is much easier.
But, getting someone to help package rice or beans or redo the medical volunteers....sigh...
Also, I rarely have the opportunity to meet people face-to-face. I never really go anywhere. I think I have been to the movies twice the whole time I have been here and the Darlin' Man has been able to take me out to eat maybe 8 times since I have been here.
This week his unit is again on one of their *camping trips*. So, I am really missing him.
Just whining here, but sometimes we all need to whine, I guess.
I know my efforts at prepping make a difference to my family. I know my homesteading efforts also make a difference.Just gets frustrating some days.


  1. I so hear you about the food, prepping and life in general. Sometimes we just need to be able to whine! Have a beautiful evening :-)

  2. I hear you. The weather here has been odd as well. A couple of weeks ago we had 38* temps at night and not much higher during the days. We usually get 60-75 this time of year. We had a week of warm weather but last night was really cold again. Today is sunny and warm. I grew up in Texas and don't miss the weather. Keep prepping because they will eventually thank you for this. Always nice to here from you!

  3. 1st off, hope your weather problems die down soon. I ended up having to replace my clothes line due to a comforter & excess winds this fall.
    2nd, getting your family to eat healthy when they "dislike" certain food types can be hard. I've learned to hide as much as I can of the stuff they "hate",usually works.
    3rd, whine away hun! I know exactly where your coming from, & if we were close (distance wise of course) I'd be right there helping you out (as long as you'd help me figure out where to put my garden :)
    Take care hun!


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