Monday, January 21, 2013

Decision Made

Well, the cringe factor won out.
I sold our two remaining sheep to a different buyer and for a lower price than the *ethnic* buyers would have paid.
I made less money, in fact, I may have not broken even, but I was able to sleep.
The family I sold them to lives locally and is large. Like 10 kids large with many extended family members showing up for meals and celebrations. Multiple generations in the same household.
They couldn't afford my asking price and had resigned themselves to only buying one.
I didn't exactly give them a 2 for 1 deal...but it was close.
Three of the sons arrived to pick up the sheep. They caught them quickly and hog tied them. One petted the ewe and commented on how soft her wool was. He said his mother and grandmother will use the pelt to make a woven blanket (they briefly explained that it will be cut into narrow strips and put on a loom). One brother admired the rams horns and said he was thinking of making knife handles from them. In short, they will use every part of the sheep, nothing will be wasted.
They put the sheep in the back of their old SUV and took them home. Their grandfather will be in charge of butchering them. They told me the slaughter will be quick. The sheep will provide many meals over the rest of the winter for their family PLUS will be the star ingredient for the celebration of one of their daughters 15th birthday next month. (A Really Big Deal in Hispanic families!)
So, my sheep are sold, I cleaned out their pen so I can transfer my pregnant goats into it.

I feel okay.


  1. Lamb,

    I'm happy you were able to sell your sheep to a family who really could use them both. You helped a family out, be happy.


  2. I see that your by-line no longer says anything about the teen-agers that you were raising. Did you get a fair price for them? You made the best decision on the sheep. The other day I saw a photo of your 2-liter coke bottle system for storing rice and beans. it was on some Homestead/Survival site and I knew that it was yours because of the color of the shelves that they were resting on.

  3. A lot of people have claimed the soda bottle system as *theirs*...just makes me laugh when I see them posting pics swiped off my blog.
    As far as the teenagers...yup, still here. The Girl is about to enlist in the Army, The Boy is slogging through his Junior year in high school. Both were a little miffed about being mentioned on the header along with the livestock....


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