Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ob-la-di-ob-la-do-ob-la-di-OH, Life Goes On

Now that I have butchered a Beatles song in my post title...
Yes, life goes on here at Frippery Farm.
Ugly Betty and her chicks have completely taken over the screened in front porch
They are out of the box and Betty pecks at the door when she wants food or water. I guess it is time to build them a small coop in the back yard (ANOTHER project for this week!)

The goats are doing fine and the two little ones are so big now!
Nola's favorite place to hang out

Lilac relaxing with her mom, Lily

Nina trying to get Nola out of the wagon--with no success!
Pender and his girls are happily scratching in the yard...
Pender checks out the loose hay box

Goldie, one of our new Buff Orphingtons

Large Marge stays under the back steps to escape the sun

Calypso (an Americuana) hard at work!
Our landlord stopped talking about selling the place. But we are still going ahead with our plans to move. The Girl and I are heading to the Northeast to scout properties in August.
We have to decide how we are going to travel there....fly, bus or train.
The Darlin' Man wants us to take the train, The Girl wants to fly, and I think we should take the bus.
Flight time :under 8 hours (with plane switching and layovers, etc)
Train, almost 5 days with LONG stops (7 to 10 hours) in Chicago and D.C. (ugh!)
Bus: 2 days and 18 hours. A couple of long stops (2 to 4 hours)

Expense-wise, flying is the most expensive. Train is next and bus is cheapest.
Comfort...well, I guess flying would be the most comfortable, train next and last, bus.
Then there is the TSA thing.
If the TSA decides to grope me, it WILL make the papers...and not in a good way!
TSA has been paying more attention to rail lines recently, so they may show up there.
Not so much with the bus, although it is still a possibility.

So...decisions, decisions...
We have a while to make the decision, but if we buy tickets 30 days in advance, it will cut the cost of ANY transportation a lot.
In the meantime...Betty is pecking the door again, so I guess she needs the water bowl refilled!


  1. Isn't it "interesting" (i.e. maddening) how the critters pick their areas for hanging out?

    Good luck on your land hunting. Couldn't convince you to move to the Ozarks, hugh? :)

    1. I originally wanted to move to the Ozarks...but the Darlin' Man has family in Vermont, so, since I love cold weather and snow....I agreed to Vermont!

  2. Easy, whichever one has a layover in Kansas. :)

    1. I checked all the schedules...no layovers in Kansas, I'm afraid...although the bus has a nice long layover in Virginia...near to where my gorgeous little grandson is! The train stops there for a couple of hours, too...
      I guess you know which transport I am rooting for!
      The bus! Saves money, gets there in a reasonable amount of time AND I get to see my grandson for the first time in person!

  3. Lamb,

    I prefer flying, but I don't prefer the cost of tickets. The train is okay, at least you have a little more room to stand up and stretch your legs. The price isn't so bad. As for the bus, the price is okay however, your really confined.
    Either way, I hope your able to make plans that will follow with finding a great piece of property and home.

    1. I can handle the bus..once moved from Montana to Alabama on a bus!

  4. Good luck on the property search! Personally I would prefer bus, but then I detest flying, so I'm slightly biased.


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