Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have You Any Wool?

Still in a musical mood here!
Last night, the Darlin' Man got a phone call from Roy. Roy works at the feed store. He has bought some of our excess animals and we have bought some from him.
Roy had mentioned to the Darlin' Man about 3 days ago that he knew of a guy in New Mexico that had an excess camel.
Yes...the Darlin' Man was actually thinking of getting a camel.
Fortunately, the call from Roy was to tell the Darlin' Man the price of the camel and...WHOPPEE!!! was way too expensive for us to even consider.
HOWEVER (and you KNEW this was coming, didn't you?), Roy was calling from a small ranch that had sheep and the owner asked him if he knew anyone that might want to get a few of this years lambs.

(Do I really need to finish this post? If there is ANYONE out there that doesn't know what happened next, then this must be your very first time reading my blog! Back read a little and I am sure you will catch on very fast! )

Ahem...yes...anyway....late last night we took delivery of two ewe lambs (ewelings?)
Both are solid black, although one has a white patch on her forehead. They are three months old and so darn cute it is ridiculous.
The Darlin' Man named them Celine (the one with the white patch) and Corizone (he says that means *heart* in Spanish), so Celine and Cori.
They are still a bit skittish, but we hope to get them tamed down.
Best thing is...the fella has agreed to NO MORE LIVESTOCK until we move.
We have plans to get a puppy, but no livestock. Also, no camels, no ostriches,  no wallabies, no giraffes, no get the idea. I basically went through ALL the species I could think of to extract the promise.
I even threw in reptiles and amphibians while I was at it. (C'mon, do you blame me?) I also included feathered livestock in the list. Except those birds that are hatched here. The geese are starting over, as all the eggs failed to hatch, btw, and I had to clean out Heloise's nest...such a smelly job!
So...the new lambs are comfortably snuggled down in the milking does pen, our does are in the big pen and Nola and Lilac are in the kid pen this morning.
I'll get some pictures later. My camera went completely kaput, so I am using the Girls cell phone to get pictures and I have to wait until she gets home from school. (Two more days until her graduation!)


  1. Are the lamb's tails already cut off? Or will you need to do this. I really like reading your blog. Keep up the Good work!

    1. Celine's tail has already been cut off, but we have a vet coming over to bob off Cori's tail.

  2. Somehow I'm not sure how much good that promise will do deals seem to just fly his way don't they?
    I saw a truck with freshly sheared sheep & Bill about killed me because he got so weary of the Ewe jokes, lol, the more he rolled his eyes the funnier it was.
    Good luck on things sweety :)

  3. Lamb,

    Okay, I have to are you going to transport your animals when you move? Do you have a transporter? Congratulations on your daughters upcoming graduation! Graduation is a time of many feelings, pride, happiness, and accomplishment. You must be proud of your daughter. My son graduated and were proud and happy school is over :-) Enjoy your new babies!

    1. When we move, we have found a transporter that will charge a reasonable amount (although it still makes me wince!) to get all our critters from here to there.

  4. to bad about the camel. I always wanted one since I was young and watched those old black and white movies about desert oasis gathering and tent caravans and such. Make a hell of a barbeque if things really got bad. HA HA HA HA
    congrats to the grads, the rat

  5. Lamb, I know this 'ole boy down here that has a truck load of goats he wants to get rid of and I've given him your address....knowing how you're running short on critters. Hope it's okay with you...


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