Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Culling the Herd...

We sold Molly last night. Molly loved people and was very affectionate AND had twins this season. Bucklings, but, still, twins.
Problem was, Molly thought she was in charge of the herd and tried to rule over them with an iron hoof. Constant attacks on the other does. She would bully them without mercy. Nina and Lily started losing weight as Molly wouldn't let them near the feed.
Also, Molly was NOT a good milker. Her milk had a decided *goaty* taste and she was difficult to milk on her GOOD days.
We also sold Gerte and Liam.
Gerte, napping in the wheelbarrow
Liam when he was much smaller.
The guy that bought them has a small farm and a campground. He made sure he knew the goats names and pet them and talked to them. The goats all seemed to like their new owner and barely fussed at all when we loaded them on the truck.
We aren't planning on breeding this year (so far...subject to change) so Liam was either going to have to be confined in the *bachelor pen* all by his lonesome, or we would have to sell him.He and Gerte were good buddies and when the guy mentioned he wanted a buck...well, we showed him Liam and the deal was done.
Lilac cried and bleated a bit after her twin was gone, but soon settled down.
So, we are down to the two doelings, Nola and Lilac, and the four does, Nina, Lily, Gabby and Champagne.
Right now, that is perfect for us!
It is also good to know that Molly, Liam and Gerte went to a good home and that the new owner likes goats as much as we do!


  1. Glad you found such a great home for them!

    1. I am glad too. The old gent that bought them used to raise goats, then moved to town for several years. Now he is back in the country and he was so happy to get *gentled* goats that are used to people.

  2. We got rid of our Iron Hoofed Herd Queen last fall.....she was a great milker, but mean as heck. No use having a nasty goat around.

    Glad you found homes for those and that you're down to a happier number of goats. Much calmer around the barn now, hugh?

    1. SOOOO much calmer here! Milking was a breeze this morning, compared to what it has been!
      Also, much, MUCH quieter! Gerte had a habit of bawling her head off for HOURS every night, wanting her mama. And she would start up again every sunrise.
      You are right...Iron Hoofed Queens gotta go!


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