Sunday, June 10, 2012

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

The new lambs are fitting in well here. They are still skittish around people, but a couple of the goats are okay with them.
Initially, the goats stared at them, wide-eyed, like they were viewing some exotic creature in a zoo.I kept the lambs in the pen for the first few days and the goats would literally line up to stare at them!
Now I have turned the lambs loose with the goats. Nola and Lilac try to play with them and Champagne seems to like them. Lily is okay with them. They scare Gabby a little! Nina just wants to head butt them. Then again, Nina tried to head butt ME!
A few not so good pictures, but it gives you an idea of their size.

Hard to see them in the pictures, but I hope you get an idea. They are cute. Cori, especially, has the sweetest face!
Betty and her chicks are doing well. Someone gave us four chicks they did not want and I tried to get Betty to accept them, but, nope, she didn't want any part of them. So, I am raising the wee orphans. One escaped out of the box they were delivered to me in and has been surviving in our yard. Between neighbors cats, neighborhood feral cats, snakes and everything else, it is surprising that he (she?) is still alive and kicking---three days after escaping!
I have named the little cuss "Lynard" as in Skynard...*Freebird* reference, lol!

Speaking of cats, we discovered my neighbors gray Persian cat has given birth...under our house. From the looks of the kittens, she had them about 4 to 5 weeks ago. We haven't caught them yet. There are 4 of them and we want them OUT before they get hurt, start crapping all over the place, go after our chickens, etc.
So, besides stalking and capturing Lynard the chick, we also have to catch 4 semi-feral kittens!
Hope your weekend is going well!


  1. Lamb,

    Your new lambs are adorable, I can see them pretty good in the pictures you shared.

    I hope you catch Lynard before the cats or other wildlife do. Oh my dear lord, yes....I know what you mean about cats, kittens. We have a problem with 2 cats. There not ours, we've been doing everything to prevent them from doing there business in my flower bed. Red pepper flakes, orangel oil, chicken wire and animal preventative spray. My next attempt will be to trap them and have them moved out of here. They only like the flower beds in front of the house. They don't go in my vegetable garden (that's all fenced in).

  2. We have some kittens here too but we did manage to catch ours. Hope you catch your chick. My cats get most of mine if I don't put them in a brooder cage.

  3. Good luck with the kitten hunting, feral kittens can be a pain (literally). I'm surprised she hasn't taken them home yet, usually momma brings them home when they're eyes open.

  4. Lamb, Love the Lyndard name, how appropriate!

  5. We caught Lynard! It took 4 of us about 20 minutes, but we got him! (I am pretty sure he is a little rooster)

    Stephen, I approved your comment, but for some reason it didn't show up! (BTW, I'd take that whole truckload of goats, lol! I'd find a way to make it work!)


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