Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our New Little One...

No, not a baby (human type), but he is just as demanding and LOUD!
I went out to check the turkeys about 5 days ago and found, sadly, two newly hatched and dead poults. Turns out that as soon as the wee ones hatched, Tim Turkey attacked and killed them. I read up on the subject and discovered it's not unusual for the toms to do that, as it means the hens will be more agreeable to mating again.
Anyway, I moved Tinkerbelle and looked at the remaining eggs and one was hatching!
I scooped it up and cradling it in my hands, took it into the house. Within 10 minutes, a tiny chick was peering up at me.
I named him Tiberius (Star Trek fan here...hope you get the reference!).
Nickname: "Tibby".
He is demanding, he is loud. He thinks I am his mother.
He has also charmed the socks off of everyone who has met him.
Say hello to Tibby:

We all take turns holding him. His favorite activity is running up someones chest, hopping onto their shoulder and then snuggling in their hair, making himself a make-shift "nest".
He also follows me around the house when I take him out of his box and let him run around on the floor.
Yeah, he has imprinted me as his mama. I don't mind. He is just so stinkin' cute!

Our other chicks are doing fine. Betty's chicks are growing by leaps and bounds and will shortly be put off the screened in porch into the brood house (formerly chicken annex pen). Lynard and Nugget and Yolko are fine, but Teeth has come up missing. I suspect that Teeth got off the front porch and the feral cat had a very small chicken dinner.

The new lambs are still very shy, but have finally gotten used to the goats and chickens. Still very shy of people, however.

The heat has taken hold here. We have already had some 100 degree days with more expected Sun., Mon., and Tues. That means every two hours I go out and check the animals water and check them all for heat exhaustion. For the bunnies, it means putting a frozen 2 liter bottle (filled with water) in their hutch. I also freeze bottles to put in the chicken coops in case the girls get too hot.
Hope you are holding out against the heat where you are!


  1. It is June here in the Palisades (CA) which means coastal fog and cool 65-70* days and cooler nights. We, hopefully will get hotter and sunnier weather starting next month. You are living in the wrong part of the Country if you like cool weather. This is why I am Happy that you are being forced to find a place in VT., I know it will work out for you.

  2. Lamb,

    What an adorable little one! Sounds like you will be busy with all the new little chicks and heat. We had 96 degrees today, I've been waiting for it to cool down so I can do some work on the property. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Tibby is cute as a button. I agree with Anon though, you & the animals will probably be much happier in a cooler climate :)
    How is the pending move working out so far btw?


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