Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catching Up Around the House and Other Things

So, a few things have happened since my last post.
Let's start with yesterday...
I milked the goats and then let them loose like usual. Somehow, someway, they managed to get under the house.
You see, our house is a double wide trailer/modular home...whatever you want to call it. Anyway, it has skirting around the bottom. The skirting (in the back, anyway) is partially protected by some fencing that was put there long before the Darlin' Man moved here. The goats, as goats are wont to do, managed to push the fencing out of the way and get under the house. There they lolled about in the cool shade until discovered. At that point, they scattered in panic. In their panic, one of them (Oh No MOLLY!) managed to snap a pipe that was just outside the skirting. A geyser erupted. Turned out, that pipe was the water pipe coming into the house.
I managed to get to the water turn off and turned off the geyser.
So, that left me with no water.
No water means no swamp cooler which means the house heats up FAST!
I got the goats back in their pens, closed up the house, turned on the fans and turned off the pump on the swamp cooler so the motor wouldn't burn out.Called the Darlin' Man. Got his voice mail as he was in a meeting. Darn!
He called back about a half hour later and told me he called the landlord and gave me the landlords number. I called the landlord and he told me he would be here at 9 pm to fix the pipe. I also measured the broken pipe and gave him the size, etc.
The kids got home from school and starting stressing..."No water!?"
Heh...I got this. I pulled out some of my water storage and everyone was able to have some nice cool water to drink...I also made lemonade.
At 9 pm, the landlord showed up and repaired the pipe in about 5 minutes flat.
So that problem was not too big a bump in the road.
Interestingly enough, the landlord didn't say a single word about selling the place, needing us to move, etc. His wife was the one that informed the Darlin' Man about the impending sale, but her husband was present. I just don't know what is going on there.
I am still going on with the property search!
The Darlin' Man is having a few health issues. He had a small pimple on his face to expanded to humongus proportions overnight. He went to the doctor and after they drained it and ran some tests, the doctor told him it was MRSA. Turns out, the first time he had a abscess like that form was when he was in Desert Storm I.  The one he had that time was on his neck and got to the size of an orange! Turns out, quite a few soldiers returned from Kuwait and Iraq with MRSA. So, he is on antibiotics and I am trying to boost his immune system through diet. Figure if we go after this on all fronts we have a better chance of beating it down.
Also, his back had been giving him a fit, so he had the doctor check that out as well. Looks like something is wrong with one or two discs in his back. He gets an MRI this week so they can get a detailed look.
The Darlin' Man's oldest daughter is coming to visit for the rest of the month. She is going to college in California, but has a break from her classes and her job right now. When not in school she stays with her grandmother (Darlin' Mans mother) in L.A.
So, she is not used to goats, chickens, etc.
Thjis should be fun! I'll get her to help me milk in the mornings.
That's not TOO evil, is it?
Ugly Betty never hatched any of her other eggs.So, I checked them out and a couple were complete duds and the rest just never completely developed.
So, Betty is happily living on the front porch with her three babies, "Bo", "Peep" and "Inky".  Like I have said before, Betty is a good mama hen. It is fun to watch her teaching her babies to drink and eat, etc. At night she makes a little chirring sound and all three run to her and duck under and snuggle down. Inky has the habit of trying to snuggle down on top of his mama, but Betty is having none of that! She makes sure he (?) is tucked under her wing before she nods off to sleep.

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  1. i don't mean to be an alarmist but stay on top of that MRSA. Have a biopsy done and make damn sure that is what it is. It is resistant to antibiotics.Watch for signs of an outbreak anywhere else.Go to the VA clinic and get it on record. better safe than sorry.
    the rat


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