Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Update

Well, here we sit...not knowing what to do next.
The landlords have not said one thing since they made the announcement that they were selling.
Nothing. The Darlin' Man is thinking it was some sort of *bluff* to make sure he pays the rent on the first of every month and no later. Maybe.
But we are doing a major cleaning/reorganizing thing here just in case and getting quite a bit of non-essential stuff boxed up.

Ugly Betty only hatched out 3 chicks. The rest of the eggs were *duds* She is settled in a large wooden planting box on the screened in front porch with her chicks..."Bo", "Peep" and "Inky". They are so cute! Betty is being a terrific mama hen and is teaching her chicks to eat, drink, scratch, etc.

The goats are being really rambunctious lately. Nina has been getting downright mean. She head butts, bites and tries to get me with her horns. I have checked her all over...nothing physical...she is just moody as hell right now!

The heat has hit...ugh. Except for early morning, late evening and emergencies, I am effectively house bound during the heat. It actually makes me feel ill if I stay out in the heat for more than 15 minutes, so my way of dealing is to flip night and day and sleep during the day and stay up at night.
I hate the heat!


  1. The heat in TX and surrounding areas can be terrible. We had this problem when residing in TX and OK. I'm hoping this year, temperatures don't reach to 116+ in June, July and so on. Last summer nights were 112+ at 10PM. Days were higher. I hate the heat too!!! Stay cool :-)

  2. We're getting the hot and dry weather already. I try to do chores early in the am & then before dark. There are always indoor chores to do anyhow so I may as well do them during the heat of the day. Bummer about not knowing about the owner's intentions. Wouldn't it be nice if people wouldn't beat around the bush & just be honest? Ugh.

  3. I am totally miserable when the temps get above 80 here....I do not do well in the heat either,and it makes me ill too.

    I need to figure out some sort of way to add more airflow,and cool the rabbitry,as rabbits are very heat sensitive too.


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