Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Let's Have a Contest! are the basics...
Remember Nina?
Yup, still preggers, no change from yesterday.
She is due on April 1st.
Here are the contest rules:
1) Predict the day and time of birth. (NONE of my does have been on time this year, btw...all were 3 days to a week and a half late!) 10 points for most accurate prediction
2) Singlet? Twins? (ALL my does have had twins this year! It looks like twins to me, but I have been wrong before!) 5 points for most accurate prediction
3) Sex of offspring (Two does, one buck/one doe, two bucks or a singlet doe or buck) 5 points for most accurate prediction

Whoever gets the most points WINS!
What will you win?
1) The right to name the new kid(s), with the caveat that the names must start with the letter "N".
2) A jar of my cajeta, lovingly packaged and sent straight to your door!

Also, in case of a tie (hey, it could happen if someone gets just the day/date right and someone else gets the number of kids and the gender correct), I will send out a jar of cajeta to each person , and I will choose the name(s) from both winners suggestions.

Entries accepted until noon tomorrow!


  1. Okay, my crystal ball says April 8th between 6 and 8AM. It will be a single doeling. Know I am way off but its fun to guess. LOL

  2. I say March 30th at 1:34 AM. I'm going to say twins, one doeling, one buck.

  3. Lamb,

    Poor Nina, still no change. Okay, I'm game, I believe delivery date will be April 4th, between 1PM & 3PM,. It will be twins 1 buck and 1 doe.


  4. April 5th, 3am-7am, single buck...should have consulted the trot, probably WAY off :)

  5. This Sunday. twins. One each buck/doe.



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