Friday, February 24, 2012

Weird Way to Start the Day

This morning, at 6:20am, I had a physical for a life insurance policy.
Yes, they sent out a physicians assistant at that hour to give me the quick exam!
I had just finished feeding the livestock when she got here.
She took my height and weight (even had her own scales with her!), my blood pressure (on both arms), my pulse, got a urine sample...and then, the bane of ever medical exam I have ever had...she took a blood sample.
I, apparently, was born with veins buried so deep that it requires an oil rigging crew to find them.
I have had doctors, nurses, phlebotomy experts, EMTs, etc all try and FAIL to find a vein.
I donated to the Red Cross one time. They finally succeeded in finding a vein, and they thought my blood was good (no problems with disease, etc), but unless it is an emergency, they really don't want me to come back.
They told me so.
So, the nice P.A. and I sat on the couch in the living room and she assured me there wouldn't be a problem.
Yeah, s-u-u-u-u--r-r-r-r-e.
Then she examined my arms. Wrapped her little rubber thingee around my arm and asked me to make a fist. Gave me a little rubber ball to pump up my arm.
Examined both arms again. With a flashlight, no less.
Frowned again.
Finally she tried to get blood out of my left arm.
No dice...nothing.
After a bit more frowning and examining, she asked if I would object to her trying to get some blood out of my hand.
I agreed and FINALLY! she struck blood.
Three vials of blood later, she was on her way.

I thought it was pretty cool she could come to the house to do this.
Still, a weird way to start my day!
After she left, I did the milking and started some cheese. I did yogurt and cajeta yesterday.
Right now, I have an "embarrassment of riches" when it comes to eggs.
The chickens are laying like this was a job and they all seem to be doing overtime!
The goose is popping out one or two a day for the last week.
The turkeys, Trixie and Tinkerbelle, are sharing a nest and currently have 6 eggs in it.
I decided to let Trixie and Tinkerbelle have their nest and their eggs. Hopefully, they will hatch out some wee poults.
I gathered from the geese until I cried "Uncle!" on that effort and decided to let them try to hatch theirs and give us some goslings.
The hens eggs I still gather as none of them are broody in the least.
But, still, I have a LOT of eggs.
I have used them in every conceivable recipe I can find.
Souffles, quiche, breads and other pastries, pies and cakes, Yorkshire puddings, meatloaf, boiled eggs, creamed eggs on toast, deviled eggs, custards, you name it, I have fixed it!
I went online to find more recipes and have exhausted almost all of the recipe places.
My neighbors have appreciated some of our eggs. Next, I guess I will sell eggs at the farmers market!


  1. Eggs, eggs, EGGS!!! Have you tried blowing and decorating the eggs? You know, with all that time you have on your hands?? :)

    How about that goat? She popped yet??

    1. Yes, I have blown out and decorated about a dozen goose eggs. They'll look great on the Christmas tree this year!
      No, Lily hasn't popped yet. She is still in her "holding pattern". Frustrating, but I can be patient...for a little bit longer!

  2. The farmers market idea I think is great. Wish I had a few.

    1. I am trying to figure out how to price them. I want them to reasonable, but sure don't want to give them away!

  3. You should read "The Egg and I" by Betty MacDonald; classic, extremely funny tale of her life on a chicken ranch in Washington State. One of my favorite books.

    1. I've read it...we only have a few hens (under 20), but the sure make up in eggs what they lack in numbers!

  4. I think a few of them might look good on my plate! Too bad I don't live closer!

  5. You could try dehydrating them and storing the powder. Both whole egg and egg white can be done.
    I feed them to the dogs, especially when I think they might be turning bad. They love them! Just make sure to crack them first - once they get used to eating the whole egg, shell and all, you'll have a problem. The hens also love egg and will come racing when one is accidentally dropped. Cats like them too in moderation.


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