Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Morning...

Penar and his girls over by the milking stand
Max, Xander and Heloise enjoying the sunshine
Persephone and the new peahen, Phobe

Phoebe is smaller, Persephone has the white patch on her wings

They get along well, as long as Phoebe agrees that Persephone is in charge!

Lily is still waiting...and kid
Yup, bagging up and pouchy goat butt...she is close!

Pendar looking magnificent as usual!

Yes, we have acquired another peahen. She was offered to us at a price 1/4 of what peahens usually sell for, so we decided to go ahead and get her. We named her Phoebe.
Lily is getting closer and closer to kidding...just wish she would go ahead and kid already! Poor thing is waddling around her pen and seems to have that "Oh, I am so fat and miserable" thing going on. Frequent ear scratches and tummy rubs help.
Little Max is growing by leaps and bounds and enjoys head-butting the geese. Tonight he will spend the night with Gerte and Gustav in the kid pen, as his mama will be milked in the morning. We have been conditioning Molly to the milking stand, but she is still pretty fidgety, so milking her will be a definite TWO person job!
Pendar loves being "cock of the walk" now that Red is gone. He takes good care of his hens and Ugly Betty has moved out of the peafowl pen and into the chicken coop! Pendar made sure the other hens didn't pick on her and Betty has adjusted well.
That's Sunday morning here, hope all of you are having a lovely day, too!


  1. Sounds like everything but the birth are moving right along. I miss you, so it's nice to read your updates. Wishing you nothing but blessings this fine Sunday morning :)

  2. A good roo is a great thing! When our gals start bickering, one of the roosters come right by and break it up.

  3. Hope you soon have baby/babies soon. I know all about watching goat "butts" :) as I am still doing that several times a day and night even with baby monitor on. LOL


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