Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Odds and Ends and Pieces

Lily still hasn't kidded. She seems to be in some sort of  "holding pattern" waiting for the most perfect moment to kid.
No doubt it will be at THE most inconvenient moment possible. Driving rain storm or a sandstorm most likely.
Still, she is enjoying the extra attention. I check on her several times a day and make sure to scratch her right behind the ears. I go out at night and make sure all is well. I have even sat in her pen at night and given her ear scratching and tummy rubs until she falls asleep...with her head in my lap.
Not spoiled much, is she?
So, still waiting on her.
The Boy and the Girl have each had horrendous colds in the past couple of weeks.
I finally got it and it blossomed into a Class 4 sinus infection.
I have been combating it with lots of hot tea with lemon and honey, hot, HOT baths with lavender soap and bath oil and Halls Menthol-Lyptus cough drops.
The first hour I am up I am miserable...after that I am more or less okay.
Just takes two of three cups of tea.
The kids recovered nicely, the Darlin' Man hasn't caught it and my son hasn't caught it.
I should be okay by the end of the week, I hope!
Today I go to the dentist to get a recheck on the extraction that was done.
While I am out, I plan to stop by the feed store as we need some sweet feed.
I think I will stay glued to the Darlin' Mans side the whole time we are there!
 Weirdness abounds in recent news stories..
The Russians grew an extinct plant from a 30,000 year old seed.
Good thing or bad thing?
I dunno, but I have seen Jurassic Park enough times to be nervous about any extinct species being resurrected. They say the Japanese are hoping to resurrect the Mammoth from frozen specimens found in the tundra in Siberia.
Is that really wise? I mean...what bacteria did those animals carry in their digestive tracts?
That's just one thing that worries me.
Also, meat grown from stem cells?
I see all kinds of problems cropping up from that!
Well, time to hang up the laundry and then I think a shower for me. Lots and lots of lavender scented bubbles!


  1. The plant is from the same species as chickweed :) it's still around and doesn't seem to have changed very much at all.

    as for the meat from test tube....welllllll ick! I will go vegan if that is all that becomes available.

  2. So sorry you got sick. Try garlic pills! Since I've been taking them (one a day) I haven't had ANYTHING! No sickness of any kind, even when all the other family members are sick.

  3. Hope you feel better, Lamb. And, yes ...definitely stay glued to the Darlin Man's side when you're at the feed store! LOL

  4. Kellie, just as long as I don't see a Jurassic Park sprouting up somewhere, I guess I'll be okay, lol! Agree with you about the meat thing...ewwwww!

    Rozy, thanks! I eat a lot of garlic, but I will try the garlic capsules.

    HossBoss, by the time we got back on this side of town, the feed store was closed. Dodged that one, didn't I? LOL!


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