Monday, February 27, 2012

....And Now For Something Completely Different.....

First, the farm update:
I was supposed to start milking Molly this morning, putting her on a regular schedule. I took little Max away from her last night and put him in the kid pen.
Much bleating ensued...from Mama Molly and little Max. Finally, they settled down.
This morning, as I was helping the kids get ready for school (after I fed the goats), I heard SCREAMING coming from the kids pen. I hauled butt out there and found little Max had attempted an escape and gotten his head caught under the fence. He was panicking and totally freaking out.
I swooped in and grabbed him and took him to his (now) half-hysterical mama. He immediately began nursing, for comfort and out of hunger, and Mama Molly --- after checking her baby out---gave me the dirtiest look I imagine a goat can give!
It was a look that said "Some baby-sitter YOU are! Look at my kid! He could have died over there!"
Yeah, I felt awful.
So, I am going to try to milk her while she still has Max at her side, so to speak. I'll just take her out of the pen in the morning, milk her, and then put her back in.
At least until Max has a little more common sense...or is too big to fit under the fence!
I rarely get political on here.I also don't talk much about peak oil, global warming (or cooling---depends on who you listen to), conspiracy theories, government control of our lives, government excesses (in everything), etc.
Well, boys and girls, got your tinfoil hats ready?
If not, I'll wait a moment while you prepare yours.
Ready? Good, let's proceed then.
What search engine do you use?
Google? Bing?
Both of those track your travels around the internet and have no qualms about selling your information or turning it over to the government.
We all need to use a search engine on occasion.
But I don't like the idea of google following me around the internet!
Check this out, really, please read it!
Creepy, huh?
So, I have started using DuckDuckGo for my search engine of choice.
No tracking, no ads. No B.S.
And no, they don't pay me for advocating them.
It is simply that in a world with diminishing privacy boundaries, it is always safer to put up whatever *walls* you can---in my opinion.
I will be writing more about "going gray", as in protecting yourself, your home and your family from unwanted scrutiny, especially if you are a *prepper* in my next few posts.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I wasn't sure how I'd get around search engines and actually find something :)
    I'll be using duckduckgo from now on.


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