Monday, February 20, 2012

So, WE Went To The Feed Store...

That's right, WE.
I wasn't about to let the Darlin' Man come across another "great deal". We needed chicken scratch, and , by golly, we were going to get chicken scratch and ONLY chicken scratch!
Meet Tinkerbelle:

I am s-o-o-o-o-o-o embarrassed.
All the times I ranted and raved about the Darlin' Man carting home yet another critter and all of you telling me to always go with him when he went to the feed store to prevent this.
But, seriously, it was not my fault, I swear!
Let me explain...
I got a bit side-tracked getting the chicken scratch and decided to get some game cock feed for the peafowl while we were there.
In the meantime, the Darlin' Man wandered out back...where the livestock pens are.
He comes back up front and pays for the feed, we go out to the car and load it up.
We get in the car and he says; "Hang on, we gotta pick up something out back."
Turns out, he made a deal without my knowing about it.
He ran into the guy that bought Cornelius and the guy informed him that a friend of his fell in love with Cornie at first sight, so he sold Cornie to them. Cornelius is now a HOUSE PET! He sits on the couch and watches t.v. and has his own little bed, etc.
Okay, how the hell did that translate into a new turkey?
Well, our friend had been contacted by someone that wanted a baby buck goat for a petting zoo.
They wanted one they could bottlefeed and that would be gentle.
So, he will be around later to pick up Morpheus.
The deal?
Oh yeah, back to that...
The guy that wanted Morpheus just happened to have a turkey hen. He would trade her and some cash for Morpheus.
Yep, that's  how I ended up holding a rather large and mildly agitated turkey hen on my lap for the ride home....
Trixie and Timothy were a bit startled at the new arrival...well, Timothy was delighted, Trixie a little less so.
Well...sigh....we'll see how this works out....
I have to admit, Tinkerbelle is lovely. And fairly docile. And she and Trixie seem to be getting along well.


  1. Ha! Love it! I KNEW there was going to be a great story when I saw the entry title. :)

  2. Well, it looks like neither one of you can be trusted going to the feed store. lol

    I have to admit that you have a more exciting feed store than we do. I usually only come home with some exciting new seed or plant that I have no room for in my garden but I've always wanted to try. I haven't come home with anything that moves. :-)

  3. Hee hee hee... that's why when someone says to me "wanna ride along, I promise I won't let you bring something home", I never go. She is beautiful and it was totally not your fault. Hubby made the deal. Next time, make him stay by your side.

  4. Yup, as soon as I saw your post title, I thought, 'What did they bring home now!' LOL

    She's pretty and you still got some cash for Morpheus and what a SWEET DEAL for Cornelius! Win-win-win, all the way around!

  5. I would love to have a feed store with livestock pens behind it!

  6. I am going to have to remember to take the camera along next time I go the feed store!
    They currently have: goats, rabbits, chickens (regular, banties, silkies), ducks, ferrets, a couple of parrots, geese....uhmmm....sometimes they get in donkeys/burros, horses, ponies and once in a while, a cow or two.

  7. Can't let him out of your sight for a second can you? LOL. She is pretty, & you got some good business done in the process, not bad for one small trip to the feed store ;)

  8. Lamb,
    Tinkerbelle is adorable! She looks as if she is already content, lol My Bulldog man is the same way. I always tease him and tell him,I will put him in time out if he keeps picking things up, lol



  9. Royal Palms are so pretty! I picked up a breeding pair several weeks ago and they are just lovely birds. Tinkerbelle has a bit of red on her side, or is that clay? Either way, she's lovely. :)


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