Sunday, February 19, 2012

Goodbye and Good Luck!

Yesterday, the Darlin' Man got a call from a farmer friend. This guy has chickens and goats as well, but had run into a problem.
His old rooster had died and he wanted another rooster "right damn quick".
Would we happen to have an extra rooster hanging around?
Why yes, yes we do!
The farmer was so happy, he PAID for Red, the psychotic rooster!
We warned him about Reds' *ahem* personality quirks.
The farmer didn't care. He even offered to go in the coop and catch Red himself! The Darlin' Man went ahead and did because Red was kinda scared of him.
Today, Pender is "King of the Roost". He is a bit tired this afternoon, due to chasing all of Reds' Harem of Hens around the yard all day, but he seems happy.
This farmer also had another issue looming before him...he raises goats and his buck is old. He didn't expect his buck to make it another year.
We have 3 baby bucks!
He checked them out and was much impressed by all three, but little Cornelius caught his eye the most.
Yes, we sold him Cornelius.
Champagne had almost weaned him...barely let him suckle at all and kicked him away when he tried.
Cornie was eating alfalfa and sweet feed well. I hadn't banded him because I had hopes that someone would want the sweet wee buck for a breeding goat instead of us putting him in the freezer.
So, we said goodbye to Cornelius as well.
The farmer has a few milking does, so he said he could give Cornelius a bottle or two a day, if need be.
While he was here, he called some other farmer friends and we ended contracting to sell Maximus and Morpheus as well! They will be herd bucks, so I don't have to band them. They won't be leaving until end of March, early April, though.
All in all, a good night!


  1. Sounds like a great day for Frippery Farm, Lamb. Good for you!

  2. Wow, what great news! I always get worried when there are too many males around the like most farms, they end up either in the soup pot or in the freezer. Nice knowing that they will be actually LIVING their lives out! :)

  3. I never get that kind of luck. If I have a mean rooster, I have to find time to take him to freezer camp. Congrats on finding someone to PAY to take him off your hands. Cornie not only gets to not go to freezer camp, he gets to be a good breeder. Some goats have all the luck. COngrats to him as well.

  4. Thanks, HossBoss and Carolyn Renee! It was an unexpected sale...but I am glad to be rid of Red, although we will miss Cornelius.
    Rea, I was thrilled to know that wee Cornie will live out his life instead of ending up on the BBQ here!

  5. Sounds like last night was a wonderful evening for the family and the farm animals. I'm happy for you, have a great day.

  6. I love successful days like that... How amazing! And yay for Cornelius and your other boys.


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