Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quick Update!

Lily the goat is in the beginning stages of labor! And so is Molly!
Lily was panting a bit,and some discharge and her udder was filling.Molly has a mild discharge and her udder has filled out more.
So, I moved Lily into the milking goats pen so that Molly (who is a bully) won't endanger Lily's newborn when it arrives.Or they arrive, as I am pretty sure Lily is going to have twins.
Of course,when I moved Lily, I had to move her best buddy with her, as Lily bellows her head off when separated from Nina!
Picture reference:
Nina lookig svelte (before she was pregnant)

Molly with her cute "bobby sox"and spiffy red collar. (Another pre-pregnancy pic)

Lily, her first day here...with Wang introducing himself! Wang is the daddy...but he has been sold to another enterprising goat owner that liked the look of his offspring.

So...we should have new kidlings by the weekend. Goats are hard to predict, but I will be keeping a close eye on both of them!
Somehow....I see this ending with my spending the night in the goat house holding Lilys' hand hoof. It is her first kid and she is a very people oriented slightly nervous animal. Whenever upset, she makes a bee-line to the nearest person...with Nina in tow, of course!
I have my kidding kit that I have added a pillow and blanket...just in case!


  1. Right there with you. Precious has a discharge and her bag is so full she can hardly walk. Storms coming in tonight so figure she will kid right in the middle of it. Birthing kit by the door along with the camera. LOL

  2. Fingers crossed that all goes well with Lily and her first birthing experience. Can't wait to see pictures!

  3. Peggy...I have checked on Lily so many times,I think the poor thing thinks I am stalking her, lol!
    Ruth, yes I will take pictures...just hope she doesn't kid when I am out grocery shopping or something!

  4. Can't wait to hear and see the update! :)


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