Friday, February 3, 2012

No Kidlings Yet

I think my goats are messing with me.
Molly and Lily are showing all the signs of  going into labor...but no kids yet!
I go out and check and check and check and spend half the night out there and.....nothing, except Lily wants belly rubs and to go to sleep with her head in my lap while she snores peacefully and Molly is convinced my only reason to come out to see her is so she can go through my pockets looking for treats!
Well, since there is not much going on here but the ENDLESS waiting,I figured I would do that thing that many bloggers have a "Get to Know Me Better" type post, so maybe new folks would get to know me and long term readers might find out a few things that they didn't know!
My place of birth: Germany
Favorite animal for pet: Dog
Favorite Beverages: Milk and Dr Pepper with Pomegranate juice running a close third
Favorite flavors: Ginger and honey, DARK chocolate...not very fond of milk chocolate
Favorite scents: Gardenia and Jasmine (I HATE those candles/body sprays/etc. that smell like fruit and cookies and other foods, give me floral every time) 
Favorite Flowers: White Tulips, Lilacs, Gardenias, Hyacinths, and White Roses.
Favorite music: Rock...Metal, Heavy Metal, Soft Rock (think Elton John), Celtic
Least favorite music: Country. I despise country music, it literally gives me migraines!
Favorite artist(s): Mary Cassett, Henry Moore (English sculptor), Monet, Paul Gauguin
Favorite movies: The Lion in Winter, Lady Jane, Jurassic Park series, V for Vendetta, The Stand
Favorite writers: Shakespeare, Stephen King,
Favorite color: Blues and Greens...and Orange...and Yellow...HAPPY colors!
Favorite TV programs: Being Human (BBC and SYFY versions), History Channel stuff, Project Runway. I also watch a lot of DIY shows and Cooking/Food shows.
If I were stranded on a desert island, I would want: Les Stroud (Survivorman)NOT Bear Grylls!
When I was little, I wanted to be: A veterinarian. Or a lady wrestler.
Weird thing about me #1: I can bend several of my fingers at the first (top) joint.
Little Known Thing About Me: I once worked as an "extra" in a few movies and tv shows.No screen credits,just a face in the background!
Favorite Activities: Cooking/Baking, Sewing/Quilting, Camping/Hiking, reading, painting (prefer oils over acrylics or watercolors), horseback riding, tending to my goats and chickens.
Weird Thing About Me #2: My eyes are hazel-green...but can change color depending on what I wear and sometimes my mood!

Want to know anything about me? Just ask!
I have a few things to do around the house...the usual laundry, etc. Just gonna have to fight the urge to crawl back into bed...looks so comfy, as Siona is happily demonstrating...

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  1. I feel for you. You just can't rest good when you think the goats might pick that time to kid. Stayed up with Precious only to have her wait until 1PM to deliver twins. Thankful she had a very easy and fast kidding this time. Wishing you baby goats in the VERY near future!!


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