Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Farm Surprise!

Remember Xander and the lovely Heloise?
Well, they currently share quarters with some of the goats.
Xander does well on holding his own against the goats at feeding time, so it will do until we get a goose pen constructed.
This morning in the goat house...

Goose eggs!
I went to retrieve them...arming myself against Xander...
Yes, a broom is the preferred weapon of defense here! It'll brush Xander away without injuring him and he has now developed a healthy respect for the broom and waddles off when I approach with it. Of course, he mutters goose talk while moving away from me...I can only imagine the threats he is making!
"Darn human wouldn't be so big and bad without that broom! I'll get her one day when she forgets that evil weapon!"
So, I gathered the eggs...turned out there were five,but two had been crushed by the goats.Heloise appeared to have abandoned the messy nest she had constructed, so I didn't feel too bad about collecting the eggs.
Someone else was setting this morning as well!
Ugly Betty, in her nest constructed of straw, her feathers and peacock feathers (ooooOOoohhh...fancy!)
Pendar had just gifted Betty with a lettuce leaf when I took the picture. He is a very protective and compassionate rooster! He brings Betty choice bits out of the feed pan and snuggles up to her at night to keep her warm.
So, I gathered an egg from Betty as well. Her eggs are small, but she usually lays 2 a day!
Comparison picture:
Bettys' egg on the left, Heloises' on the right.

I think I will make cornbread tonight and use one of  Heloises' eggs.
I cleaned out the goat pen, put down fresh straw in the goat house as Molly is due to kid ANY DAY and cleaned out and refilled their water trough.
I think we need to construct a goose house asap, though. I don't like the goats trampling Heloises' nest and I really do want her to hatch out a clutch of eggs!

Back to Molly....her udder is beginning to fill out and her tail has raised a touch. I am hoping she will be on schedule. She is due this week!
More kidlings....YAY!


  1. Glad the geese are doing well. I used to have to go into the barnyard armed with a broom, but since making rooster stew out of the last of the mean ones, no more! It's bad enough with mean roosters, but dealing with an overprotective GOOSE? You've got guts lady!

  2. Goose threats! lol They aren't even mine, but I'd love to 'watch' them hatch some, too. :)


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