Saturday, February 18, 2012

Playing the Waiting Game...Again

So, I have two more goats that are pregnant. Lily and her best buddy, Nina.
We bought them at the same time, brought them home at the same time and Wang, the buck we had, had access to them at the same time.
However, Nina played "hard to get", so she was bred about a week later than Lily.
By my count (remember, I am terrible at math!), Lily should be due the first week in March, and Nina the second week of March.
Lily apparently is going to jump the gun by a few days....maybe.
Yesterday, Lily let out a horrendous squawk/ screech/bleat that sounded like she was being tortured to death! I ran outside, convinced she had gotten her head stuck in the gate or perhaps a coyote had gotten in the yard and ripped off one of her legs! It sounded that bad!
Nope, she was just standing there in her pen, looking a bit distressed, but all in one piece.
I got in the pen to check on her and noticed she was bagging up.
Nina, jealous that I was petting Lily, starting head butting poor Lily.
So, Nina was transferred to the nursery pen with the younglings.
Now, when I got the girls, their udders were :high and tight" as neither had ever been bred/kidded.
Look at Lily this morning!
Yup, definitely bagging up!

"Excuse me!? This is NOT my best angle!"

 So, on kidding watch again!
Meanwhile, Lily continues to bleat in the most pitiful manner every time she thinks she feels a contraction, I swear!
The neighbors keep coming out to check on her...I think to make sure she isn't being tortured!
Like my friend over at Krazo Acres was about her Nettie goat, I am anxious about this goat Lily. It is her first kidding. She was bred to the same buck as the rest of them, and all of the others had twins!
So, besides keeping an eye on Lilys' hindmost parts today until whenever she kids, I have a full plate today.
But a break to watch Mollys' little boys cheered up my morning!
"Oh...Max is still sleeping!"

"WHAT!? Sneak attacks are legal! I'm a GOAT!"


  1. Sneak attacks are legal. lol Whew, I don't even have goats and I'm getting all excited about kidding. Keep us informed about what's going on and I have my fingers crossed that everything will go well and you won't be up all night waiting. Take care.

  2. The waiting game is just pure torture, isn't it??

    Hope her first kidding goes smoothly & of course, looking forward to more kid pics!

    So, how long have YOU been without sleep lately? :)

  3. I'll keep y'all updated! I love the new babies, even though it gives me endless worry.
    Some days it seems like I worry about their labor and delivery more than I did when I had my babies, lol!

  4. To sweet, looks like your goats are going to keep you on your feet the next several weeks. I sure know someone that won't be getting any sleep any time soon :-)
    Have a good one.



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