Thursday, February 16, 2012

Everyday Disasters

We all have them...small disasters that occur when we don't pay attention for just one moment.
We knock a prized glass bowl off a counter *crash* or we forget about the casserole in the oven because we are trying to get the clothes off the line before a storm hits and we have to resort to fixing sandwiches for dinner because the casserole ended up a rather large burnt hockey puck.

Today, I was inattentive for just a moment while I was milking Gabby.
Sure enough, just as I was finishing up...she planted a hoof dead smack in the middle of the milk pan.
While Gabrielle is a lovely goat, she is not a fastidious goat when it comes to getting pedicures. She walks around in her pen, which, as can be expected, has goat poop and urine all over it.
So, I finished milking, put Gabby back with her twins and took the milk inside.
First, I gave some to Siona and our new dog, Baby, and they were VERY happy that their morning kibble was more like a bowl of cereal.
Still had plenty of milk left.

 Yes, the chickens got it! All seemed delighted at this unexpected gift. Red, as you can see in the last picture, started crowing his head off. I am sure he was announcing to his chickens that HE somehow brought this wonderful treat to them.

Everyday disasters....they happen...

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  1. Darn it...well, it happens. I had a cow once that seemed to KNOW when I wasn't paying attention. She was good until my mind started wandering and then *bang* she'd kick that bucket over, usually all on me. lol

    Well, everyone enjoyed a treat today. Better luck tomorrow.


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