Monday, January 30, 2012

Uh-Oh....My Computer Caught Something!

Yes, despite my careful web browsing and my anti-virus, my computer caught a nasty virus. The online tech guy is pretty sure it is a virus that the resident teenage boy accidentally acquired for my computer back in December. This one hid, took it's sweet time...and then attacked.
We thought we had solved the issue, but it keeps cropping up again...and again...and again... the next few days, my poor computer will be going in for a total redo. Crash, burn, wipe, load in a new operating system, the works. Going to add on some more memory while we are at it.
Some folks may wonder why I hang on to my old Dell Dimension 1100...but I like the old workhorse. I have had this computer for ages.It has served me well...traveling from Missouri to Texas and across Texas.
I bought it after I moved back to Missouri a little over 6 years ago.It was used when I bought it!
I have been through 4 keyboards and 6 computer mice (mouses?) and 2 monitors.
The CDRom drawer doesn't open anymore. I think that stopped working about...3 years ago maybe?
Still...this old computer has worked when I needed it to.
Scratched and a bit battered, it is still a good friend to me! to the computer doc and hopefully within a week, it'll be running better than ever!
I will post to this blog and elsewhere with the Darlin' Mans' sleek little laptop...which I really don't like....until I get my clunky old PC out of the shop.

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