Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sandstorm Woes

We had a wind advisory on the news this morning. I got the feeding and the milking done at record speed, because, after living here for 18-19 months or so, I now know what that means.
Not as bad as the ones that have hit Phoenix in recent memory, but bad enough! Wind gusting so bad, I can hardly stand on my feet outside. Every goat, chicken, goose, turkey and peafowl is hunkered down in their respective house.
And I am hunkered down in mine!
I had planned to do some outdoor chores today, but they can wait until tomorrow. No way am I going to try to turn the compost heap in this!
So, bread dough rising and I decided tonight we'll have stuffed squash, cabbage and a nice custard tonight for dinner.
I'll wait until tomorrow to do the dusting and vacuuming...no use doing it right now. Sand will just blow in the tiniest cracks and accumulate again...sigh.
I have a post planned where I discuss the recent increased interest in "Preppers" by the more "mainstream media", but since the wind has made my power flicker and my internet connection is a trifle wobbly right now, I'll wait to post that one tomorrow!

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  1. Hey Lamb, I would stay in too. That sand can pelt you terribly, makes you feel as if you were sand blasted. Can't wait to read your next post.


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