Friday, January 6, 2012

I Live With a Mummy...

Yes...a wrapped-up blanket stealing mummy!
Let me back up and explain...

I enjoy cold weather, but when I bed down for the night, I love to snuggle down under 2 or 3 blankets/comforters/quilts. (In hot weather...a sheet and nothing more than a sheet!)
My Darlin' Man HATES cold weather.
He is a mummy. He wraps up in as many blankets as he can find.
This leads to my having to fight him for blanket coverage during the night. Inevitably, I wake up with a scant corner of a blanket while he is warmly wrapped up.
 I try to tug some blanket over to my side.
Tug...tug...tug...and  I have just enough to cover a knee and maybe my feet.That lasts about 5 minutes and he does his death roll and snatches that small comfort away from me.I have tried snuggling closer to him, but that doesn't work, either, as he always ends up rolling again and somehow accumulating all the covers again.
Yeah...he is a blanket hog.
Yeah...that is usually about what it looks like in the mornings...

I figured I'd get smart about this.I staged a comforter on the floor on my side of the bed.
Sure enough, I woke up around 2 am with no covers. Smiling smugly, I pulled my comforter up on the bed with me and covered up.
I woke up around 4 am with no blankets again and with my Darlin' Man completely swathed in a blanket cocoon.
The next night, I staged TWO blankets.
Same result.
Last night...I added our featherbed to our bed, put the sheets on, put the normal blankets on the bed and staged THREE blankets on my side of the bed.
I woke up this morning a bit chilly and got to watch the spectacle of the Darlin' Man trying to fight his way out of all the covers he had cocooned himself in.
Ever put a blanket over a dog or cat and watch them trying to find their way out? was similar, lol!
My giggling aside, I have a new plan of action.
Gonna wear socks to bed. And flannel pajamas. I am normally a nekkid sleeper, or just tee shirt and undies...but I am tired of waking up with goosebumps!
My organization is going...okay. Somethings have gotten done...some things haven't.. Should be able to post pics in the next couple of days.


  1. Reminds me of my wife...blanket stealing sweet booger.

  2. LOL. My husband does the same thing. It's like a body rolled up in a carpet from a bad movie when he wakes up in the morning. I keep trying to figure out how he can roll that same direction over and over (to roll the blankets around him) and yet NOT fall off the bed!?!?

  3. I'm the blanket hog at our house. Yeoldfurt bought me an electric blanket with dual controls when we first got married ...his side, of course, never got turned on. My side got pre-heated an hour before bedtime and then turned down to 2 or 3 for a comfy (warm) night. When my side finally gave out after a few years, we flipped the blanket and I used HIS side for a few years. When a smurf (me) is married to a polar bear (him), you have to seek out ways to accommodate! LOL

  4. Stephen...The Darlin' Man is as sweet as they come as well...except when it comes to blanket stealing!

    Tina...I have yet to figure that out here! I mean,he does this sorta alligator death roll thing to get all the blankets around him, yet he never falls out of bed. Can't figure it out!

    HossBoss, I would be SCARED to get an electric blanket....the fella would have his side set on *blast furnace/surface of the sun* and I would end up sleeping on the couch to avoid heat stroke!

  5. This made me laugh. My wife wears a hoodie, sweat pants, socks, blanket, bedspread, and still gets cold. Me t-shirt, sweat pants, socks, blanket and still wake up in the morning with a sweaty t-shirt. During the day the wife will be hot and turn on the air and still be wearing her hoodie. ???

  6. Rob, I think wearing sweat pants to bed would kill me! WAY too warm! I did okay with socks and light flannel pj's.

  7. The PJ's should teach him, the uglier the better :) my husband would get awful sick of this and learn REAL fast how to share the blankies QUICK and get back to the nekkid sleeping!!! Love it.


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