Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 and Objectives

Instead of resolutions, this year we shall have objectives.
Each month will focus on one theme.
January is (drum roll please!) ORGANIZATION .
No more stacks of books spread willy-nilly about the house. Clothes will be folded and stored in their proper places. I will organize my sewing bins >o<  (wince) and my desk. Closets WILL be cleaned (gasp!).
The tools will be organized and specific places will be provided for each one.
Today I am tackling my sewing bins. I'll take before and after pictures...although I will cringe and blush about the before pictures!
Ideally, the whole house, outbuildings, etc will be organized by the months end.
February will be CLEANING.
March will be CREATIVITY.
We haven't decided on April at this point...since we will be moving this year (hopefully), I am only working this in three month blocks.
I am hoping this works out for us.We'll see.
In the meantime, I have to go fold up fabric and gather up scissors that have migrated around the house...


  1. What a great idea! I do have some resolutions, but the objectives will help me break them down into manageable chunks and then I can actually accomplish them. I agree that organizing must come first, it the sharpening the saw work that makes the rest easier.

  2. Once again, you're inspired me, Lamb! I love this idea! We wince and cringe at the same things ...sigh. I think we might be related.

    It would take me more than a month to organize our whole place. Maybe a month to organize my OFFICE ...then another month to organize all the closets ...then another to organize everything else! Sure would be NICE to know exactly where everything is though. My sister is a Master Organizer. Her mantra is, 'It has a HOME, it LIVES there.'

    Keep us posted!

  3. that is a wonderful idea, & good luck with the hopeful move :)

  4. Rozy, That is the thing...breaking up major things into little bites. No, I can't organize my whole house in one day...but I CAN clean that closet or organize my cabinets or do some other thing in one day while still having time to milk the goats, feed the livestock, make cajeta, etc.
    HossBoss...I have the advantage of having my son and the two teenagers in residence to help me! :D

    Tina...Wish you were here! You are the most organized person I know!


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