Friday, January 6, 2012

Declutter Challenge...Are You In?

Along with "Organization" for my January whole theme for the entire year is "No Waste".
I have found the more disorganized we are and the more cluttered the house is, the more we waste!
With that in mind, I have joined the "Declutter Challenge "over at The Single Saver's blog.
Looks like a good challenge for us!
366 items to go out the door in the 366 days of 2012 (it's a leap year, remember?!?)
Since we are getting ready to move within a year, this is SUCH a good idea! We don't want to move *junk*!
If you feel the need to declutter, join up!


  1. I'm in, Lamb! I already posted and linked to you and to the Declutter Challenge post at The Single Saver blog.

    : )

  2. Lamb, I have been on this train of thought now for several months. It's still in the planning stage. Mine will a bit more radical though. Getting rid of 366 items won't be enough. My efforts will be called "The Ten Box Challenge". I will make my lifes personal possessions fit into no more than ten boxes. My gunsafe will be a box, the roll around tool box will be one, the workbench will be one.

    We're hoping to buy land and build a new no mortgage house in the next couple years. The goal is to be able to fit our lives into under 700 sq feet. we're crowded and cluttered in 1200 sq ft now. So it's going to be quite a challenge.


  3. Woods...WOW! With the five of us, I doubt we could get down to 10 boxes! I think just the Darlin' Mans gun collection and ammo would be at least 10 boxes....or 20! My sewing stuff would be 2 boxes (LARGE rubbermaid totes)...and that's before we get into pots and pans, food storage, etc. Good luck, that is an ambitious goal!

  4. I did this years ago and I can't tell you how free I felt afterwards! It sure got rid of the chaos in my house!

  5. Welcome to the challenge... and I am excited to find your blog in the process!

  6. I haven't heard of this challenge, but I'm on track so far. I've been nesting hardcore with a new baby on the way. Not so much buying new stuff, but getting rid of the stuff we don't use/need. I've had a box under the table since new year for Goodwill and I've been going through the house room by room. I'm sure there's at least 13 items in the goodwill box, I've filled our trash and recycle bins once each as well. I spent one weekend digging out and finishing Works In Progress from various corners of the sewing room. It's been quite refreshing. I'll never get down to 10 boxes though, not with my book habit and sewing and canning habits.


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