Monday, January 9, 2012

Rain...then Snow...

Looks like an inside kind of day, which is just fine with me as I have much to do!
Started out raining, so I posted a pic of rain and leaves...then it started snowing, so I ran outside and got the pic you see in my header. Yes, clothes on the line...the ones the girl hung up yesterday, but the rain came suddenly before we could get them off the line, so I decided I would let them hang until today...when it was supposed to dry off here!
Well, the rain stopped....but then the snow started!
Today I am making cajeta and cheese, using henna on my hair and continuing with the declutter thing and organizing.
Baby, our little chihuahua mix stray has her own plans for this cold day...


  1. She/he looks like a muppet demon!

  2. Sandy from OklahomaWednesday, January 11, 2012

    The weather is something else this year. Were in OK and the winter has been 75 degrees, then it goes down into the teens. We haven't had any snow just a flake or to. Tonight it's suppose to be 19 degrees. Your poor clothes, I guess you could say they will be overly cleaned. Love the picture of your little chihauhau. We rescued a chihauhau in November of last year and he is such a sweet heart. Never owned a chihauhau before. Here's to better weather!


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