Thursday, December 15, 2011

Reality of Farm Life get hurt.
Yes, this hurt!
That is NOT my knee...that is about four inches BELOW my knee!
Nice goose-egg, huh?

How it happened:
This morning, before it was fully light, I started feeding the critters before they went into the barnyard version of "The Hallelujah Chorus" and woke up the entire county.
There were two pallets in the yard that we use to stack the old hay on before we get delivery of new hay. That way we can rotate our hay supplies by stacking the older hay bales on top of the newer ones.
SOMEONE neglected to get the pallets up and out of the way the last time hay was delivered. Usually the Darlin' Man, his son or my son moves them. I hadn't complained as I figured it would eventually get done. The damn things are almost too heavy for me to drag around. I guess I could have...but, I was being lazy, too, I guess.
Anyway, as I was feeding, my shoe caught on the edge of the wooden pallet and down I went!
My leg and ribs slammed into the pallet and the side of my face slammed into the ground.
I managed to not scream, although I admit to some VERY creative cussing!
I finished feeding the animals, milked Gabby the goat and crawled inside. Strained the milk and jarred it and put it in the fridge. Got the kids off to school, started a load of laundry and cleaned out the kitchen sink. Started bread dough for dinner tonight.
Oh, and THEN  I cleaned off my wounded leg and put ice on it and elevated it for a bit. Took a couple of aspirin.
Now have a soft compression bandage on it, after applying some neosporin.
My son went and cleaned up all the pallets and lumber debris from our recent pen build. He also transferred Nina into the milking pen with Lily...they are buddies and Lily has been crying across the yard all day every day for Nina.
After I hang up laundry, I'll elevate my leg again for a bit.
Reality of farm gotta walk it off when you are the one everyone depends on!


  1. That looks bad, Lamb! I know it's a little late for this kind of advice, but next time would you please clean/bandage/tend to wounds BEFORE you finish the morning chores?? A few minutes can mean all the difference between a simple ugly wound and a NASTY infected ugly wound!

    Hope it heals up well for you and that the lesson will not be lost on Those-Whose-Job-It-Is-To-Stack-and-Stow pallets!

    : )

  2. After several hours of ice pack on and off, elevating the leg and a soft compression bandage, the big goose-egg has gone down by about 3/4 inch. Also been taking two aspirin every 4 hours to thin up the blood and hopefully avoid any lethal blood clots from coursing through my system.
    It still hurts, but much less than this morning. I also manage to sneak in a short nap of about and hour in between everything else and I think that helped!
    Yes, HossBoss, I should have cleaned and bandaged BEFORE my chores...but I was too afraid to! I was scared that if I stopped, I wouldn't be able to restart!

  3. Yikes! :( Hope it heals fast!


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