Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Xander the Gander

A surprise new resident here at Frippery Farm...
Xander the Gander!
The Darlin' Man found him at the feed store. They had thought they were done with geese for the year, but someone brought in a small flock and since they knew we had Heloise....and the Darlin' Man was there to buy feed for the goats....well, you guessed it!
The feed store did not have a box big enough to bring Xander home in, so the Darlin' Man trussed up his feet and plopped him in the passenger seat. He said Xander honked all the way home while watching the world go past in the car window. They stopped at a local gas station/store to pick up a soda for me...the parking lot was crowded, of course. Xander honked at everyone he saw, attracting a lot of attention!
We put Xander in with Heloise, the peafowl and Pender and Ugly Betty.
You can see the reaction to the new roomie here:
Heloise, however, seemed delighted to meet Xander! She honked continously for about 20 minutes. I guess there was a language barrier between her and the peafowl and the chickens!
There is Xander in the foreground and Heloise near the back...with her beak shut! Most pictures I tried to get had her with her beak wide open and her wings flapping.
So...besides all the Yule stuff this weekend, I guess we will have to build a "goose only" pen!


  1. Those are beautiful geese, and glad Heloise has a buddy now. Although, I really, REALLY think you should send a chaperone along with your DH whenever he goes to the Feed Store to make sure he doesn't come home with anything ELSE! :)

  2. Love your pictures; what beautiful birds you have.

  3. Love the new picture at the top, Lamb! And I agree with Carol Renee that Darlin' Man may need a chaperone for future visits to the feed store! Love the name too ...Xander the Gander has a distinctly regal ring to it!

    : )

  4. Unfortunately, the Darlin' Man usually stops for feed on his way home from work, when I am unable to be a *sounding board* for his animal acquisition decisions. I am not upset about the gander decisions. Poor Heloise had been languishing a bit, but is so happy and perky this morning! She and Xander have been cuddling and (softly) honking at each other since daybreak, lol!

  5. OH! The header picture is of the interstate where it skirts the Franklin Mountains west of El Paso. I did not take the picture, it was taken during the latest snowfall a couple of weeks ago and was posted on our local newspaper site. One of their reporters took it.


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