Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ugly Betty Update!

Remember Ugly Betty?
The remarkable hen that the Darlin' Man bought at the feed store?
Well,she has had a good diet,comfortable pen and friendly neighbors for the past couple of months...and voila!
Betty has feathers! Finally!
See the wee pale egg?
Ugly Betty finally laid her first egg!

Her roomie,Pericles,is also looking good these days...his tail is growing back in:
Lovely, isn't it?
As for my leg...healing is progressing:
Still a bit swollen, and,as you can see...bruising is starting to show through. Yes, I need to shave my legs...but right now my leg is still too tender!
So, while Pender has his breakfast in the back yard....
I think I'll relax with a hot cup of cocoa....
with a dab of whipped cream on top....


  1. She's looking MUCH better, wish I could say the same for your leg :( Get well soon Hun!

  2. Wow, not-so Ugly betty looks great! Although not as great as that hot cocoa!


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