Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Having a Cool Yule...

Yes, the holiday season is upon us and I have so much to do!
I do almost all of my shopping online OR make gifts myself and ship them out.
My deadline for shipping is this Saturday...EEEP!
I am mailing out cajeta and home made cookies to some relatives, a couple of home made aprons and a quilt.
After Saturday, everything is D-O-N-E as far as distant relatives.
Then the final push for here.
We still don't have a tree up. We have an artificial tree...which I hate, as it is only about 3 feet tall and "pre-decorated". Ugh.
The fella has dragged it around the country in his military career, so I understand he has some sentimental attachment to it. But it is so tiny. And drab. Very drab.
I want a LIVE tree with the piney smell and needles dropping and all the decorations lovingly placed.
The Darlin' Man considers live trees a fire hazard.
Okay, so we compromise...he will let me pick out a new artificial tree on Saturday. I will get a certain amount of decorations (store bought) and then the kids and I will make the rest.
So...Saturday and Sunday will be uber-busy!
I'll try to take some pictures of the home made decorations and the final tree result!
As for The Boy....he apologized to me profusely this morning. He is pulling extra chore duty for the next two weeks. His father had a talk with him and let him know how disappointed he was...not just with him messing up my computer, but about him lying about it afterwards.
The Boy finally did admit it was his idea and he was the one that did all of it. His sister's participation was limited to telling him "That's not a good idea!", but she did nothing to stop him. So, she is doing a little extra duty around here, too.
However, both are looking forward to a cookie making frenzy for the holidays!

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  1. Sounds like things worked out then, good. Hope you guys have a great Holiday. I understand about the small tree, ours is the same size...but with now 4 cats in the house (we're pet sitting) I'm not about to go through that


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