Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby Pictures...errrr Baby GOAT Pictures!

Okay...maybe I'll post a pic or two of my gorgeous grandson!

But here are pictures of our baby goats. These were taken when they were just a few days old!

Such goat kid cuteness!
Tonight, though, the wee goats are spending their first night away from their mama. They are big enough to start spending less time with mama, and tomorrow morning we start milking Gabby again. After a couple of hours, Mama Gabby stopped bleating for her babies and settled down to sleep back in the maternity pen. Gustav has been yelling for his mama more than Gerte. Aunt Lily is still in the pen with them and she and Gerte have snuggled down in the goat house. Gustav will snuggle for a bit, then wander up to the gate and bleat for his mama. He'll get her back in the morning. I'll feed hay to everyone, put her in the milking stand, milk her and then put her back with her babies. We'll do this for about 3 weeks, and then we'll move Gustav into the boys goat pen and Gerte into the maternity pen, which will eventually be the female non-milking pen.

Okay...more cuteness:
My son Daniel with his son Gideon. Best way to take a nap!


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