Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Several Hours Later...

My son, bless him, could see I was pretty upset about my computer. He told me to go watch some bad reality t.v. and let him give it a try.
After a few hours of deleting programs, unneeded files The Boy downloaded on my computer, viruses and trojans that The Boy somehow got on my computer, my son shut the whole system down again and was able to reboot. Then he did a system restore (or something like that), literally cleaned my computer and I can now post pictures (I think).
I was able to upload my pictures from this morning...finally...now to see if blogger will let me post them!
In the yard
Snow on the cactus
I thought the snow on the straw looked pretty.

Won't be grilling on that anytime soon!

Snow on the tree branches.

So, it looks like my son was able to get my computer back in working order...woo-hoo!


  1. I have become very good with computers myself. Phil catches so many viruses and I have to fix his computer all the time, sigh.

  2. Remember when your children were small and would get so frustrated with something they couldn't figure out, or couldn't make work? You would swoop in and make it all better for them and you were a marvel in their eyes. Remember how good you felt to be able to do that for them?

    Isn't it grand that now so many years later, they are perceptive enough to recognize the same frustration in something we're trying to do ...and they swoop in and make it all better for us. Now your son has that good feeling for having 'saved the day' for his mom. Good for him, good for you!

    : )

  3. No doubt the controversial nature of the pictures was setting of the security settings.

    If you look really close at those at jumbled up tree branches, I think you can see.....


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