Friday, December 9, 2011

Morning Rodeo Report...

So, this morning, with an assist from my son, we got Gabby into the milking stand. Apparently, Gabby had forgotten all about the milking stand and now viewed it as an object of terror. She kicked and bleated and just generally refused to cooperate. Finally milked her, leaving a bit for the twins, and returned her to the pen with her babies. The twins flung themselves onto her and began nursing. All are content right now.
I was really surprised the twins and Gabby were so calm last night. Hardly any fussing at all after 9 pm. I think the cold temperatures and the dark may have been our allies. Gerte and Gustav snuggled down in the hay inside their house with Aunt Lily. Lily proved to be a very good babysitter.
Still, the nighttime pen transfer and then the same in the morning will be a pain for the next couple of weeks.
Still in my cookie baking frenzy. My favorite recipes come from the Martha Stewart web site. A pox on all you Martha haters! She has the best recipes for cookies!
Although I am usually a "seat of my pants" type cook, I have found if you follow Martha's cookie recipes as exactly as you can, they ALWAYS come out wonderful!
Today, snickerdoodles and more gingerbread.

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  1. I must have Alien DNA or something....I don't care for gingerbread OR snickerdoodles. Weird, hugh??


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