Friday, November 4, 2011

Still Building...

Yes, we are still building the new goat pen here! The Darlin' Man is a stickler for doing things right, so ever board, every little bit of fencing, every screw has to be perfect! (Thank goodness he doesn't watch me sew, lol!)
He, his son, my son AND a friend have been working on it all week.
Problems have added to the time, of course.
We had a small sandstorm, it took longer for the concrete to cure than we thought it would, and we had to work around the Darlin' Man's work hours (as well as his friends) and his sons school hours a bit.
My son would have done more during the day....BUT the Darlin' Man wants to be here for every single bit of the build. So, the best my son or I can do during the day is clean up work on the build site.
We should get finished this evening. I hope!
This dang cold is still hanging on. I am doing much better (and many thanks to all y'all that have sent me get well wishes!). I think I am keeping Halls Menthol-lyptus cough drops in business! They seem to be the only thing that helps keep my head clear and stop the coughing. I am down to two or three cough drops a day. Much better than the 10 or 12 a day I was taking a couple weeks ago! I am totally out of my homemade disinfectant that I make, so I need to get some more lavender flowers when we go to the store. I swear, I think it works better than Lysol.
Ugly Betty has still not laid any eggs. She has a sweet personality, though. Pender is still mooning over her and courting her through the pen fencing. It is fun to watch his courtship.
We are about to enter the sandstorm season here. Saturday high winds are predicted, so I am doing the little things I have come to do to avoid the worst. First, I do laundry...all the laundry I can. I do not want it hanging on the line when the sand hits! Second, I vacuum and dust all I can. I know I will end up with sand and dust in the house, but you have to apply yourself to cleaning it up before, during and after to stay ahead of the worst!
I love the cooler weather we are having. I sleep better at night and feel more full of energy during the day. I am looking forward to the holidays. I am going to posting some cookie recipes in the next few days.I LOVE baking cookies! Makes the whole house smell wonderful!

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