Monday, October 31, 2011


Recently, I have had a lot of busy lunch times and late nights while we work on the goat pen.
So...quick lunches and some midnight snacks.
Thought I would post a few of my favorites for a quick meal or snack.
I have a microwave, and this is when it comes in handy!
My favorites:
Baked Potatoes. I microwave a potato and stuff it with any of the following (or a combo) :
Sausage and gravy (no time to make biscuits!)
Taco meat and salsa
Chili (or any thick soup or stew)
Scrambled eggs and bacon
Broccoli (with or without cheese sauce)
Kim chi (an acquired taste, to be sure) or sauerkraut
Radish sprouts, mushrooms and walnuts, a little Italian dressing on top (Hey, I'm weird)
In fact, anything you like to snack on is pretty good in a baked potato---unless it is obvious stuff like ice cream, now that would be pretty icky (YMMV).

Stuffed tomatoes are pretty good, too! Cut off the stem part and then hollow out the tomato. Dice what you dig out and mix it with your filling.
Stuff them with any cold salad:
Chicken salad
Ham salad
Macaroni salad
Tuna salad
Egg salad (my favorite)
Leftover fried rice

For a midnight snack comfort food, little beats Creamed Eggs on Toast.
Boil 2 eggs, peel, slice and mix with 1 cup medium white sauce
White sauce:
1 tablespoon butter
2 tablespoons flour
1 cup milk (works best if milk is warmed or room temp)
Melt butter, whisk in flour and then whisk in milk. Stir over medium heat until thick.
Okay, mix in the sliced hard boiled eggs and pour it over a couple slices of whole wheat toast. (I tear my toast into small pieces like my grandmother used to for me when I was little)
Salt and pepper to taste.
Garnish with a sprinkle of paprika or some green onion if you like, maybe a bit of crumbled bacon.

My fall back is to grab a bowl of cereal..usually Raisin Bran, Life or Wheat Chex. But since I rarely have cold cereal in the house, I usually end up with one of the above choices.



  1. Creamed eggs on toast! I had forgotten all about that. My mother seldom made it but we loved it when she did. I will have to try it myself. Thanks!

  2. My mom used to make Eggs Goldenrod once in a while. It was hard boiled eggs ...whites chopped and added to white sauce then poured over toast ...yolks crumbled and used as a garnish on top. I think the recipe for 'Eggs Goldenrod' was in her old Betty Crocker Cookbook. I hadn't thought of that in years.

    : )

  3. Creamed Eggs is SUCH a *comfort food*! My maternal grandmother used to fix it for me when I was little and not feeling well. I fixed it for my own kids when they were small. I still fix it when anyone in the family has a sore throat or is just *feeling poorly*. On a cold morning I love having Creamed Eggs...warm, comforting and filling---but not filling in an *oh no, I feel over-stuffed* way. Awesome as a late night go to sleep feeling all warm and cozy!
    Glad it brought back some memories to you guys!


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