Sunday, November 6, 2011

Morning Surprise!

I went out to feed the animals this morning and got a bit of a surprise.
See the wee pygmy goat in in the back there? That is my neighbor Franks wee goat. He has two, see?
 The charming doe with the lovely beard who is currently on MY side of the fence and the little buck on FRANKS side of the fence.
The doe came over to join my little herd by going under the fence here:
Wang has been mooning over the wee doe for weeks. She was pregnant when Frank got her and she kidded yesterday, however the tiny kid only lived about an hour. Sometime during the night, she managed to burrow under the fence. My little herd welcomed her and shared their hay and Wang and Geordi have been cuddling up to her.
Frank just left to go bury the kid and will be back later to retrieve the doe. We will be doing some fence work on both sides today.
Until then, his pygmy doe will be visiting with the herd here.


  1. Sometimes a goats just gotta do what it wants to do....wish I had a few to tend. I miss the country.

  2. Darn ...when I read your title, I thought maybe Ugly Betty had finally laid an egg!

    : )

  3. How sad about her baby, she obviously needed the consoling company of your herd, how sweet.
    She is so pretty! Love the sneaky mate of hers on the other side keeping watch too.


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