Friday, October 7, 2011

News Flash from Frippery Farm

Persephone escapes...again and again, finally put in chicken coop until we can build the peafowl pen.
Red the Psychotic Rooster gets his comeuppance! He is terrified of Persephone!
We put her in the coop and after examining the exotic creature in his domain, Red decided to start up with her...he pecked. Persephone didn't even flinch under Reds attack.
She was more like
Then she proceeded to smack Red upside the head with her wings until he retreated to the corner and sat there with his head tucked between the fencing. Totally defeated.
I knew peafowl could be a bit aggressive...but Persephone made it VERY clear she is not taking any guff off of Red! Good for her!

Last night, Persephone laid an egg!
Check it out (next to a couple of our regular eggs)
Impressive, yes?!?
So, for breakfast this morning, the Darlin' Man had a large omelet! I tried a bit of it, was delicious!
Persephone's eggs aren't fertilized right now (forced separation from Pericles until pen is built) and she won't feel like hatching out chicks until March/April  anyway.

The Darlin' Man just arrived home with some lumber and then had to hurry back to work. He'll stop on the way home to grab the fencing and the cement and fence posts.
I'll take pictures of the build!


  1. Persephone ain't tak'n none of that cock's nonsense! You go girl!

  2. Fresh eggs are the best, yummy

  3. So lady peacocks (peafowl?) lay eggs like chickens do?

  4. Pimpley Bum, All birds lay eggs. Man is just very picky (particularly in the Western world) about which ones they will eat! Personally, I have had chicken, goose, duck, ostrich and peahen eggs. All good, some just taste more *eggy* than others.


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