Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two Additions to the Frippery Farm Menagerie

Darlin' Man had overnight duty last night, so I called him right before he left for home and reminded him to pick up feed for the goats and chickens.
A little while later, he called and (excitedly out of breath) told me to open the gate and bring a pair of scissors with me.He had a SURPRISE for me!
He pulled into the yard and I looked in the car window and saw two mysterious bags in the back seat.
He pulled the bags out while my son fetched the feed and we went to the does pen.
He opened the bags and.....SURPRISE!!!
A peacock and a peahen!
The peacock...newly christened Pericles. He is in molt, so no long gorgeous tail feathers.
.The peahen, now named Persephone. Isn't she lovely?

Of course, the does pen is goat proof. That does not mean it is peacock proof.
We found this out a scant 5 minutes after the peafowl were released into the pen when the peahen promptly flew over the fence into Honey's, (the horses) paddock next door. The Darlin' Man immediately gave chase, and with Honey's help (she was very perturbed at the peafowl invasion!) re-captured Persephone and put her back into the goat pen.
After a few minutes of head scratching, we put up a *curtain* of screen fabric to dissuade her and Pericles from making any further forays into the neighbors property.
Pendar (aka our gender bender rooster) was annoyed at Pericles, but seemed to take a bit of a romantic interest in Penelope---which alarmed her. So, I grabbed up Pendar and moved him in the big goat pen.
Temporary solution, but working for now.
The goats were curious and started sniffing at the peafowl and then Pericles let loose the typical peacock *squawk*  and the goats all stampeded over to where I was standing and hid behind me, lol! They peered out from behind my legs at the fowl, then looked up at me as if asking "What is THAT thing!?!?

I know what our weekend project is this coming weekend...a peafowl pen!


  1. Congratulations on the new additions. They are beautiful birds. I look forward to more pictures of Pericles when he's done molting and those gorgeous tail feathers appear.

  2. I am not as fond of peacocks as you are, Tina, lol! I came darn close to naming them Tina and Bill, but the fella wanted their names to start with a *P*.
    Peacocks are loud. And poop a lot. And are LOUD.
    BUT, on the plus side...they make good *watch* animals, the feathers are valuable and the baby birds sell for a huge amount of money.
    So, I guess I am in the peafowl business!

  3. Our neighbors used to have peacocks. They free ranged so were always on our property as well. They would fly up and roost in the trees at night. They made a "gawd awful" noise that sounds like you are in the jungle! Once a contractor (city slicker) was here just at night fall when he heard them. He looked like he wanted to duck and run and yelled...."What the hell was that!" He said there was not enough money to make him live out here in these woods!!!!

  4. MamaBear, The reason the fella had me greet the new arrivals with scissors in my pocket...I clipped their wings a bit so they couldn't fly!

  5. Congrats on the peafowl acquisition! Those critters go for an arm & a leg around here, so hopefully you can hatch some out and make a bit of money for scratch & feed. I LOVE those calls they make. But that's probably because I do not actually own one nor have a neighbor who owns one!

  6. LOL The goat stampede. Haha.We've got goats also so I can imagine what it looked like.

    Years ago hubby and I found a peacock in our area. After about an hour hubby captured it. I'll always remember how huge it's feet were. Anyways, we put it in the chicken pen that had 10 foot high fencing. We went into town shortly after all that hard work. When we got back the peacock was gone. Flew the coop...literally. After that we heard him in the trees some acres away. Their nightly calls are somewhat haunting. The first time I heard then I also thought, "What the Sam heck was that?"


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