Sunday, October 9, 2011

Meet The New Goats!!!

Yes, I have TWO new does!
Nina is the one in front...isn't she lovely?
This sweet girl is Lily. Such a pretty soft brown!
The two of them together, along with Wang *guarding* the new members of his *harem*.

The Darlin' Man got them for me for my birthday. And today he is finishing the peafowl house build. I have YET to finish the chicken house, so I am going to have to get busy on that!

The new girls are sweet natured and docile. Lily, especially, likes having her ears scratched.
I think both will be good milkers!

Just about 10 minutes ago a dust devil blew through the yard. It picked up the corrugated steel panels the Darlin' Man has laid out to use on the roof of the peafowl house and those suckers flew up about 9 or 10 feet and flew across the yard! Thank goodness no one was hurt! It bent one of the panels and put a hole in the side of the house where it slammed into it. I wasn't outside, but when it hit it sounded like a car wreck!
Just shows you to ALWAYS be alert! My son and the Darlin' Man and his son were all within feet of the dust devil. They ducked behind the posts of the new build in case anything flew their way. The posts are set in concrete, so a hit there would could have been deflected.


  1. Glad nobody got hurt & that they knew to get behind something sturdy!

    Oh, and your new gals are 'purty!

  2. Beautiful does, Lamb! frippery Farm is growing!

    : )

  3. The new gals are pretty! Glad the guys knew to duck when the devil came up!


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