Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Pics of the Night

We folded around 7:30 pm. Still have a few things to do, i.e.; build goat house in pen, get trough in, put fluffy straw in goat house, etc.
The gate is now totally installed. We will be putting plywood behind it to help prevent escapes!
Where the goat house will be.
The Darlin' Man finishing up. Yes, you only get to see the back view, he doesn't want his picture all over the internet.


  1. Goat pens are looking great! Wish I had a naughty goat to keep me company lol !!

  2. You're getting it done fast!

    I had to giggle about your hubby not wanting his picture 'all over the internet' (totally sounds like my hubby!) because the alternative is that his backside is 'all over the internet.' lol.


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