Monday, July 11, 2011

Some TV Reviews and a General Update

The past week has been miserably hot here. I do all of my outdoor chores early in the morning or at dusk.
I am one of those people that simply can't take a lot of heat. Just my nature and there is nothing I can do about it but find ways to work around it or adapt in some manner.
So, chores (outside) are done in the coolest part of the day, while inside chores are done during the hotter parts of the day.
And, I have been catching a tv show every once in a while...
I am pretty picky about tv. Most shows I watch are shows that I can actually learn something from. Only a very few are for pure entertainment.
Here's a few of the shows I have watched over the past few weeks and my basic opinions of them:
Toddlers and Tiaras: Possibly the only show that caused me to recoil in horror. Little girls tarted up to look like Vegas hookers and paraded on stage and doing dance moves that would be acceptable in any strip club. A train wreck of a show and so far beyond the bounds of appropriate behavior and good taste that (I feel) the pageant parents should be investigated for psychological child abuse.
It's Me Or The Dog: Good show. My dog really enjoys it. Seriously, there is something about Victoria Stillwell's voice that makes my dog sit there and watch the show with rapt attention. Sorry, Ceaser Milan, but Victoria beats you, paws down!
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding: Okay...this one ended up being a guilty pleasure for me...I was awed by the over the top dresses, etc. I also learned a few things. Gypsy (Romany or Irish Travelers) girls get married early, stay a virgin until their wedding night and usually have never even kissed their groom until their wedding day! Also, many venues will cancel if they find out a reception is for a Gypsy wedding and the Romany's and Travelers face a lot of discrimination in England and the UK.
Falling Skies: I had so looked forward to this one. And have ended up disappointed. The plot is a mashed up rehash of several sci-fi stories I have seen or read before.
Swamp People: Alligator hunting and Cajun accents so thick they have to use subtitles for viewers. Love it.My favorite is Troy and his first mate, Miss Elizabeth.
Oddities: It is amazing to see what other people collect. A lot of "Ewwwwwww" factor. Antique embalming supplies as collectibles? Some...okay, MOST of the people are just as strange as the collectibles!
I don't watch a lot of TV, so that's about it. I do like to watch a lot of Nature programming...shows about animals are a favorite in this house!
I do have a few shows that I do watch on a regular basis for pure enjoyment...Bones, Project Runway and Haven are my top 3.
My son has fit in well here. He is a HUGE help with the goats and chores around the place. He has discovered that he likes farm type work better than working in retail or customer service (where most of his jobs have been).
The fella and I went to the local Farmers Market on Saturday and discovered that absolutely no one there sells cajeta. I have to build up our inventory and perfect the spicy style cajeta recipe before we rent a booth for a weekend. Maybe in the Spring...

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  1. Antique embalming supplies? I am so there!


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