Saturday, July 16, 2011

Play Taps for My Garden

Well, we finally got rain. Two days in a row (off and on).
Not a friendly drizzle or even a nice steady rain. It was a downpour! With massive gusts of wind and the rain pelting down so hard it was painful to go outside. garden was ripped to shreds.
I still have a couple of plants that are attempting to struggle through, but, the tomatoes...all gone. Cucumber plants destroyed. Peas, completely torn out of the ground. EVERYTHING ripped, torn, shredded, etc.
So, beginning plans for my Fall garden.
It seems like I will NEVER get a decent garden going here, but I will keep trying!
I was so darn depressed about the garden that the fella surprised me today.
Two new chickens!
Lovely Rock Island hens. Soooo pretty!
I am stuck for names for them!
My last two hens I named Carmen and Miranda. That shows you how desperate I have become for names!
Please give me some suggestions!
We already have:
Red (the rooster)
Gretchen, Priscilla, Beatrice, Zoe, Matilda, Daisy, Margarite, Carmen and Miranda.(We lost Chloe to the heat.)
And now the two new ones that I want to name.


  1. Sorry to hear about your garden, mine is struggling with this heat. I highly doubt I will get any tomatoes until fall.

    Names: Penelope, Phoebe, (my boys suggest Phinias and Ferb if roosters)

  2. I like the name suggestions...and , no, they are not roosters, they are most definitely hens!So, Penny and Phoebe it is!Thanks!


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