Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Contest at Another Blog and Random Musings

In case you don't already follow it, this blog with the spiffy orange cap  is having a really cool contest! Great prizes..and besides that, some really great posts on that blog!
Follow him...ya won't be sorry!
I have been absent for a week because of all the things that somehow piled up while I wasn't looking. Stuff you *forget* to do somehow has this ability to sneak up on you and reach a critical mass that just HAS to be attended to before total disaster strikes! (Not that I really forgot...t was more of an "I'll get to that later" sort of thing)
We lost a chicken to the heat, despite my best efforts. It was Chloe, one of our barred Rock Island chickens. I made sure the hens had oodles of water and even misted the coop a couple times a day to cool them off, but to no avail.Most of the hens are molting, but Chloe was not. She was fine in the morning, but around lunchtime I went out and she was dead, snuggled up in her favorite spot in the coop.
You can barely see her in this pic...behind Red, the rooster. He had a hissy when I took her body out of the coop. We buried her in the back yard.
Today my fella is taking cajeta to give to some of the folks at his church. He is also stopping by a favorite small store to give the guy that runs it a small jar. The fella calls it "priming the pump" in the hopes that it will generate sales for us.
My second oldest son is getting married tomorrow. Says the whole country will be celebrating his wedding with fireworks! Also, he will never forget his anniversary. Smart kid! They are just getting married by a Justice of the Peace with a couple of witnesses. They plan on a bigger celebration/reception after the baby is born..
One of my sons recently lost his job and is coming out here temporarily. The fella is going to teach him to drive and help him get his license. I am going to teach him to tend and milk goats and take care of chickens, etc. The economy is tanking a little more each day...sigh. You have to have myriad skills these days to get and keep a job. As Heinlein said "Specialization is for insects." My son has never flown before, so his first flight will be tomorrow morning...from Beaumont to El Paso. I hope he doesn't freak out too much!
The fella is also going to help him get a job here.They have just opened up a big new commissary on base. First priority folks are dependents of military, second are those recommended by military, 3rd are civilians with no ties to military. So, I guess my son will be in the second group. Until he gets a job, he'll be helping out here. He dislikes the heat as much as I do. But we have less humidity here, so it will probably feel better to him than the humid Gulf Coast.
For some reason I have been feeling a bit anxious over food storage (what, AGAIN!?!?!) I am trying to get mine better organized and build some shelves. That tiny pantry closet is just not enough anymore. The Girl has a huge walk-in closet that she barely uses...maybe she uses about 1/5 of the space. So, I figured I could build some shelves in there for better storage. Good chance to flex my capentry skills and maybe teach a few to my son and the Girl and the Boy!
Well, that was a heck of an update...sorta bounced around everywhere on that one!

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  1. On the topic of storage space, we bribed our girls with nickels. For each mylar bag of food they could fit on the top shelves in their closets, they got a nickel. Needless to say, we now store a decent amount in closets!


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