Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh, For Pity's Sake...Big Brother in the Toy Chest

Bring the Police State into your home!
That's your kids can play at being TSA agents!
This is not the only product this toy company offers...
Their description:  

Enemy spies will never suspect you're listening in on their secret plans when you stroll past, seemingly consumed by an important call on your cell phone. The Spy Decoy Listener looks like an ordinary flip phone but houses a directional microphone that amplifies sound, allowing you to hear distant discussions more clearly.If approached, quickly end your call and push the keypad before closing your phone to trigger the time-delayed ring. In 10 seconds you'll have a believable excuse to answer your phone and tune back in to confidential conversations around you.NOTE: Requires button cell batteries, included.

They also offer a lie detector kit, laser tripwire kit, motion detectors and other spy paraphernalia. And, of course, hand cuffs, so the little darlings can hold suspects for police interrogation....
Sure, a lot of fun for the kiddos, but at what cost psychologically?
Between these *toys* and the Lego TSA and Homeland Security toys, children are being taught to love the Police State (in my opinion).
Some days....I just want to scream....


  1. I was just going to say "why don't they just make TSA outfits for the kiddo's to wear while playing "spy" for the afternoon" when I continued reading & saw you mention that there is already Lego TSA & Homeland Security toys. You ARE joking, right? Please say you are.

    So. Very. Very. Sad.

    Just another way to get the kids used to Big Brother.

    Going to go plant more squash with Rhiannon now & try to imagine I didn't see this post. :(

    Just kidding. Well, maybe.

  2. Carolyn, I am not kidding. They already have a Lego Airport Security toy and other Homeland Security themed toys. Some even include *official badges* for the junior Homeland Security agent! Heck, the Homeland Security web site has a kids page, as does the CIA and FBI web sites.
    See why I wanna scream?


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