Thursday, June 23, 2011

Home Alone!

So, the fella and the kids took off yesterday evening for a road trip to see oldest daughter graduate in California.
I stayed behind to take care of the animals, etc.
VERY quiet here! Except for the chickens and goats, no one in the neighborhood was stirring when I got up.
I am moving the does into the small pen after I milk. Easier to catch them and I am pretty sure all three are pregnant, as Wang has been in with them for a little over a month.
Because I am all alone, I plan to get a few things done that are best done when few people are around.
Shampooing the carpets, washing all the bed linens, washing down a few walls.
I'm not cooking meals for the family, so I will just have a small meal when I feel like it and not have too much of a mess to clean up afterwards.
I also plan on rearranging a few things in the kitchen and getting in there to clean out the cabinets....way overdue!
I hope I can get everything I plan to do completed by Sunday when they get back!
What would you get accomplished with 4 days alone around your house?

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